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Twitter Has Been Assimilated

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Today on Elon Musk’s Shitter, I mean X, Jennifer Love Hewett was trending. I’m fond of the actress and was hopeful that is was no bad news when I clicked on the link I got the image above.

About, wait for it, her new hairstyle. That’s what’s trending today on, I mean,, nope, try again,

I guess it’s been sculpted towards interests that no longer interest me.

The inmates are not only running the asylum, they are taking it down brick by brick and crushing the bricks into powder mixed with billionaire *bs* ego salt. I’m not leaving. The other places are ghost towns. If you want immediate news and “celebrity news” which is not all that interesting to me, Titter or X is still the place to be.

Metrics suggest that Threads is losing momentum. New users are not returning. Just like what early Twatter used to be like.

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