Greetings Tweeters!

I believe in this Twitter rally cry: I AM HERE, NOW! (I don’t believe in auto-scheduled-non-human tweets. If you tweet, you should be there to respond when I RT or Tweet back at you. I believe.)

Twitter is the flash-point for so many of the changes in social media, online interactions, and even business development online. Our writing ideas and focus on social media are constantly being challenged by new developments and apps. I am in the process of unfollowing most of the people I follow. This is not a personal statement about you or your tweeting, but it is something I need to do to get the conversation back under control. I’m finding myself using Twitter less and less, and that’s not good, so I’m taking drastic measures. I don’t follow non-humans and I don’t believe corporations are people. Thank you for following or finding me on Twitter. I do my best to be REAL and 100% unautomated. If I tweet something, it means I am ONLINE at the time.

Note: if you are a coupon or deal site, no need to follow me. If you are a pornster or scam artist, no need to follow me. If you are playing the “team follow back” game, no need to follow me. I only follow real people with real things to say. If you’re an auto-tweeter, no need to follow me.

Announcing the release of  The Twitter Way – Book One – Life

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