Twitter’s New GOLD CHECKMARK! Musk Grab.

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This isn’t even going to make sense. Mr. Musk is moving through Twitter with an uncontrolled fury of a toddler that doesn’t understand the real world around them, or the consequences of irrational action. Enter the $1,000 business checkmark.

Here’s what you’ll get.

Okay, that’s bs. As Twitter’s star is white dwarfing, Musk can’t help but leave his mark (scree) upon each aspect of the business. A few weeks ago he overhauled TWEETDECK and fkd it all up. What once was a tool that rivaled paid social media management tools, Tweetdeck is now merely a different “column-based” interface or dashboard. No one will use it.

How is your Twitter temperature? Do you still use it? Do you get news from Twitter? How do you use Twitter? Have you migrated to Post or Mastodon?

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