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What’s the Problem with Solar and Wind Energy?

There is a lot of money in solar these days. The US has put a renewable budget on the table. And the swarms of businesses and startups trying to get in on the sun/wind/moon technologies, are ready to sting. But, wait… There’s an issue.

The bigger money is in OIL. And Oil is not all that fond of the idea of everyone getting their cars and homes powered by the sun and wind. Even as they are buying solar companies, and getting into renewables, they have NO INTENTION of reducing their oil output and the carbon that comes with burning it. Oil doesn’t want to slow down. Even when we can show the cause of global warming to be directly connected to our burning of ancient dinosaur bodies. We’re pumping black smoke into the atmosphere faster than ever.

The news out of 3rd world countries is not good. And it’s not all that much better in the US. Grifting is alive and well in the US installation market and marketing. It’s bonkers. And as we go through the hottest summer on the planet, ever, we’re debating the benefits of solar and wind versus oil. No, there is no benefit to burning oil. But the balance of power on the globe has a lot to do with oil. Most of the resources on Earth are controlled by a very small number of countries and companies.

We’ve got a heating problem on the Earth. And a water problem. And an electricity and data center capacity problem. And solar/wind isn’t going to get us to ZERO in the next 50 years. But in 50 years, if we keep blowing black smoke out of our monster trucks we’re going to have much greater problems than electricity and heat.

What Do We Do?

Each of us has a responsibility to get money and big oil out of politics. Do I need to get solar on my 120-degree roof this summer? I’m sure it would reduce my electric bill. But my bill is made up of a lot more charges than just the juice. If those panels could also shade my roof, now that’s getting more interesting.

Can we stop growing renewable energy because of human rights violations in the countries making the panels and parts? Well… And what about politicians, in Texas for example, where solar/wind saved the Texas grid from failing in this blistering summer, our idiot congress is trying to limit the funding for wind/solar. What? Well, if you understand heating and cooling you know that winter and heating uses 5 X the energy.

Do you know how sales of EV cars always spikes when gas prices go up? Same thing here, in the heat we’re all scrambling to get our solar contracts in place. But winter is where the shit is going to hit the fan in the Texas grid. So, why would Texas try to kill or defund solar/wind support? One-word answer: OIL.

Solar energy news from the New York Times.

Earthlings, one party is beholden to big oil, big pharma, and big energy. One party is working to save the planet. Make sure you vote on the right side of history: the Earth party! Vote blue in 2024. Your planet is counting on your vote.

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